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NHK Group

Hygienic machinery parts for food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industry

NHK Group appreciates and understands the challenges of hygienic design faced by manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical processing equipment.

Our goal is to be abreast of the development to stay as one of leading manufacturer of hygienic machinery parts.

Unique expertise and experience to supply high quality products for the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industry.

We supply USDA certified IP67 waterproof bearing units, stainless feet and machine feet with FDA certificate and regular leveling feet, regular stainless steel bearing units and inserts and stainless miniature bearing units as well as plastic bearing units. Our waterproof bearing units, stainless feet and machine feet comply with 3A and EHEDG regulation and HACCP guidelines

We continuously develop and innovate our products to satisfy the increased requirements of our customers