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Stainless machine levelling feet in a hygienic design

Our adjustable machine leveling feet are suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, medical and other demanding environments and industries, due to the hygienic design and minimal maintenance and cleaning. This is important in many industries, as hygiene standards are high, and rightfully so.

Our hygienic levelling machinery feet are used by leading food processing equipment manufacturers because they are easy to clean, will not rust and keeps machines steady and secure. They are made for heavy-duty machines, which are used constantly.

Our adjustable machine feet and stainless steel feet in our hygienic, high-quality design are designed with rubber bases for vibration reduction and anti-slip properties. They can also be used on slightly uneven surfaces, where you need a machine to be completely levelled. The leveling foot provide stability among other properties. 

Our hygienic adjustable machine feet in stainless steel with specialized application are provided with an FDA certificate (FDA CFR 21 177 2600) with a unique batch ID number for food safety traceability.

Hygienic stainless machine levelling feet

Our hygienic stainless steel machine feet series are designed for industries where there are continuously heavier demands on the material resistance, capacity and quality, while still being easy to clean and have adjustable feet. That is industries like medical equipment, food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging lines, general packaging machinery, 3A design-meat & poultry processing equipment, dairy processing machines and many more. Hygienic machinery is more important than ever, and the need for parts that are changeable and easy to disinfect and clean are expected in many industries. Bacteria and viruses can hide anywhere, and therefore it is important that small parts such as machinery feet can be cleaned and disinfected.

Extra hygienic design features and advantages

The spindles are smooth at the end towards the base and the threads are protected by a sleeve to ensure easy cleaning. This means that dust and bacteria cannot "travel" up the foot and hide. The stainless steel feet also keep the machines off the ground and in an ergonomic height for workers. Our stainless steel feet are perfect for industries with industrial machines that need a heavy load capacity.

Sealed hygienic design features and advantages

The spindle and base are sealed with a silicone oval-ring. The sleeve is sealed with silicone O-ring to the smooth end of the spindle and is sealed to the mounting plate with silicone Oval-ring These features make sealed hygienic adjustable machine feet comply with 3A and EHEDG requirements.

Our hygienic stainless machine levelling feet are used for levelling systems in harsh environments under tough conditions. Under every product, you can read more about the stainless steel feet and its capacity, materials and properties.

Stainless leveller and machine leveller

Designed and commonly used for heavy load in harsh environments under tough conditions. You can also see also our range of waterproof IP67 bearings with FDA certificates, among many other high-quality products, components used in a wide range of industries.

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