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Pillow Block Unit PPL

PPL Pillow Block Unit
PPL Pillow Block Unitfull TPR PPL CCfull TPR PPL OC

Pillow Block Unit PPL

IP54 bearing housing in Polypropylene. (Colour in Black, White or Green)
IP54 bearing housing has adjustable pre-lubricated chrome steel or pre-lubricated stainless steel ball bearing.
The bearing can be re-lubricated by means of grease-nipple or a quick coupler.
IP54 bearing housing is fitted with clip-on safety cap.
Rotary shaft seal ring (TC) with extra dust-protection lip in NBR rubber.

Pillow Block Unit PPL features and advanteges

  • Operating temperature between -20°C and +100°C.
  • Economical operation.
  • Long life bearing insert.
  • Concept and design to meet all safety requirements.
  • Interchangeable with standard cast iron flanged bearing supports.
  • Max misalignment between shaft and housing: 3 degree.
  • Completely sealed units.
  • Ball bearing pre-lubricated with long-life grease, which is ideal in applications in humid conditions, with water, alkaline or acid solutions.

Pillow Block Unit PPL sizes available

Shaft Diameter   Catalog No.
Ø20 mm           PPL 204
Ø25 mm           PPL 205
Ø30 mm           PPL 206
Ø35 mm           PPL 207
Ø40 mm           PPL 208
Ø45 mm           PPL 209
Ø50 mm           PPL 210
Ø55 mm           PPL 211
Ø60 mm           PPL 212

The PPL20x can be supplied with Open Cap or closed Cap.
Open Cap, suffix "OC" is added to bearing numbers. ex.: PPL204OC
Closed Cap, suffix "CC" is added to bearing numbers. ex.: PPL204CC