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Oval 2 hole flange Unit SFD with SSA bearing

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Oval 2 hole flange Unit SFD with SSA bearing.

The stainless steel Flange Unit Oval 2 hole bearing units type SFD with SSA bearing with eccentric collar lock is suitable for the food industry and other demanding environments, due to the hygienic design and minimum of maintenance.
The stainless steel bearing units are characterized by high quality and finish for both the bearing and the bearing housing.

Oval 2 hole flange Unit SFD features and advantages:

- Stainless steel housings AISI 304
- Stainless steel bearings AISI 440C
- Stainless steel grease nipples AISI 440C M 6x1 mm
- No surface coating are required
- Excellent life span
- Operating temperature from -30°C to +120°C.

Oval 2 hole flange Unit SFD sizes available

Shaft Diameter   Catalog No.
Ø15 mm           SSAFD 203-15
Ø17 mm           SSAFD 203-17
Ø20 mm           SSAFD 204
Ø25 mm           SSAFD 205
Ø30 mm           SSAFD 206
ؘ35 mm           SSAFD 207

Stainless bearing insert with eccentric collar locking